PIQO Mini Projectors in 2022 - How to Find the Best Mini Projector?

PIQO Mini Projectors in 2022 - How to Find the Best Mini Projector?

Do you enjoy watching movies on a big screen but have a limited budget? If so, don't worry because PIQO mini projectors are here to save the day.

PIQO projectors are designed to provide ultra-high resolution video for your movie night. The company has a range of portable mini projectors that you can easily carry and set up anywhere you like. So gone are the days when we had to sit in front of television sets; now we can take our screens wherever we go!

Technology has advanced, and the times have changed. So, what’s the best PIQO mini projector out there? Read this post to find out everything you should know about the company and its products.

What to Consider When Buying a Mini Projector?

Mini projectors have eradicated the concept of LED screens. Big screens have certainly taken over but instead of LED screens, people now prefer mini projectors. They are bigger than any screen and provide the best cinematic experience.

However, if you intend to invest in a mini projector, you need to consider a few things. Hands down, PIQO has the most incredible, portable projectors that provide crisper and clearer picture quality. It has everything, from HD resolution to rapid charging.

If you're seeking a mini projector, this article will help you choose the right one.


Mini Projector is another name for portable projectors. Portability sizes may vary, but it is considered optimum if your 4K projector is as small as a soda can. The bigger it is, the more difficult it is to handle.

Nevertheless, the sizes have nothing to do with quality. Good quality comes in all sizes, so you just need to pick the right thing for yourself. Perform some analysis on the product before you invest in it.

PIQO mini projectors are a combination of both. They are easy to handle and compact enough to carry anywhere. In addition, it is equal to the size of your palm, making it highly portable.

Furthermore, the quality and features stand out. They have everything you need to enjoy your occasional movie night, from high-quality speakers to built-in app stores. The app store will make installing Netflix or other movie applications simple.

Picture Quality

Image quality is the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a mini projector. Nothing can persuade you to buy the product if the picture quality is poor.

A good mini projector should be able to generate a high-definition image and be sufficiently bright. Unfortunately, most micro projectors have typical resolutions ranging from 480p to 720p, which is insufficient for a large screen.

PIQO provides 1080p HD video quality. It is the most preferred resolution for a large screen. The PIQO brand seeks to deliver high-quality goods with cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

Their 4K projectors use DLP technology, which provides an everlasting experience by enhancing brightness levels up to 200 lumens. 

Furthermore, the picture quality is determined by the following factors:

Lens (Zoom Settings Sensitivity)

When picking the right projector, the lens is quite essential. It is used to magnify pictures on a wall or any other surface and boost focus. If the lens is of great quality, the video/image will undoubtedly be great as well. 

Lenses vary from 480p-720p on average. However, if you opt for a high-quality mini projector, the lens will present up to 1080p. 

PIQO's 4K projectors have incredibly high-quality lenses, and their high magnification casts a good quality movie. You can just choose any projector from PIQO's extensive range based on your budget.

Color (Shades Available)

What good is a video with poor color quality? When selecting a mini projector, you should not disregard the color accuracy. Color is extremely important in influencing the emotions of the viewer. So, watching videos with inaccurate colors can be unpleasant. 

The yellow or blue tints clash with our imagination and ruin the whole vibe. PIQO projectors, on the other hand, provide a wide range of colors and tones to make your movie experience memorable. They also allow you to modify the colors to your liking and produce incredible graphical fidelity colors. 

PIQO’s projectors provide a high-quality projection of up to 200 lumens. You won't have to worry about whether it's day or night with PIQO mini projectors because it provides unmatched clarity in any case.

Contrast Ratio (Sharpness of the Image)

High-quality lumens are secondary. If your contrast ratio is poor, your video will still be of poor quality. Contrast enhances the image's clarity and brightness. 

If the contrast ratio is inadequate, the quality will be poor, and you will eventually lose interest. Nonetheless, the majority of PIQO mini projectors have an excellent contrast ratio. In addition, they have a 16:9 aspect ratio for HD video viewing.

Frame Interpolation (New Frames Insertion)

With frame interpolation, you can smooth out the fast-moving video with image frames. Of course, it is not always needed, but it is a valuable tool in case of any quality concerns. They remove blurriness from the video by inserting additional frames. 

As a result, the blurred motion video or image quality will improve. With PIQO's 4k projectors, you will have an advantage of the frame interpolation function.

Brightness Ratio

Besides lens, colors, contrast ratio, and frame interpolation, brightness is also essential. You've probably observed a difference in video quality between two different devices and wondered why. The major factor is their brightness level, which causes a disparity. 

Brightness intensifies the colors and makes the screen appear more vibrant. As a result, it has an impact on the color quality of your screen.

PIQO mini projectors have adjustable brightness ratios and create an impression for the viewer. You can adjust it to fit your needs and enjoy them.


Because mini projectors are expensive, you should make an informed decision and spend your money carefully. It is advised to review each of its specifications thoroughly before making a decision since every single thing contributes to the projector’s performance.

The performance of 4K projectors is exceptional since no one wants disruptions during their most awaited movie night.

Wireless Connection

Suppose you don’t have many sockets near your living room. How will you organize a movie night then? That’s when projectors with wireless connections come to your rescue. 

The wireless option allows PIQO projectors to present pictures onto any wall or surface through any device. You can use any source such as WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, or USB to enjoy a lasting experience.

Built-in Speaker

Speakers are a vital element of a movie night because what good is an interesting movie if the sound is terrible? PIQO's Hi-Fi built-in speakers, on the other hand, are reliable and make movie night more pleasant. 

The speakers are designed to provide good sound quality, so you won't have to worry about interference even if you're outdoors.

Rechargeable and Long-Lasting Battery Time

You won't have to worry about battery timings throughout your movie with PIQO's 4K Projector. It offers a long battery life, with up to 50 hours of music playback and 5 hours of video playback.


Connectivity is certainly an important thing when it comes to mini projectors. 

Would you enjoy it if all of your friends are gathered at your house for a movie but your mini projector doesn’t connect to the WiFi? Obviously not! 

PIQO has solved the connectivity issues by offering the fastest options. You can quickly connect to any Android, Windows, or iOS device. 

The brand provides seamless wireless and wired connectivity. The following interfaces are supported: USB, HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth. You can even connect the projectors with your wireless earbuds if you are using them alone and want no disturbance or interruptions.


It isn't easy to track down good products at reasonable prices in this era. So, one either needs to compromise with the price or the features.

PIQO's prices, on the other hand, are quite affordable. Not only that, but they provide a cinematic experience for a reasonable price.

The pricing for their various projectors varies, but they are all within a reasonable range. Whatever PIQO projector model you pick up, you’ll see that their price is truly justified with the value that they provide. 

It’s better to set a budget and proceed with your exact requirements to find the best mini projector.


Look for mini projectors that are long-lasting and durable. After all, you're spending your hard-earned money on it, so it shouldn't go in vain.

PIQO’s projectors come with a long lifetime and are quite sturdy even from their appearance. However, like every technological device, they’re also prone to usual wear and tear. 

For instance, if you place your 4K projector near a fan, dust may certainly gather on it, causing the device to overheat. To solve this issue, using detachable pads to remove the dirt is a great option.

Furthermore, don't neglect the construction of the mini projector as that matters the most. Typically, projectors are made of lightweight metals. Also, ensure that the projector’s body is stable and robust as that will allow it to last long.

Remote Control

Efficient control options on projectors allow you to regulate your device using a remote.

The remote should ideally be lightweight so that it is easy to carry too. A simple layout is a big plus, which makes all the primary buttons easily visible. In contrast, crowded options on the remote will leave you confused, and it is relatively hard to handle.

Many tiny projectors now include a remote application, which is useful as long as connectivity is not an issue. It is simple to use, and you do not need to carry anything with your mini projector.

Offline Storage

A small and light 4K projector is a wonderful companion, but it is even better if it has offline storage.

Offline storage provides internal memory for storing any media file that you wish to play later. Because the 4K Projector does not entirely rely on your computer or laptop, you may also connect a USB or HDMI to play anything.

These features make it easy to handle, and you will not have to carry your laptop everywhere you go. 

Besides all the amazing features, you can enjoy up to 8GB of internal memory in PIQO projectors. So, you can download your favorite videos directly and play them. There is no need for any WiFi or other connections.

Fast Charging and Touch Screen

Fast charging is an essential factor to consider when looking for the perfect mini projector. For example, assume you're running late for your movie night and realize your 4K Projector isn't charged. Panicking will not help you in this scenario, but a projector that charges efficiently would.

PIQO has the fastest charging portable micro projectors in the market. They claim that if you charge it for 15 minutes, their 4K projectors will last for an hour of movie playback.

Touchscreen functionality is also beneficial and comes in handy. You may effortlessly navigate through the screen without having to use the remote.

With PIQO, you can go in with your convenience since it offers control in both ways, that is, seamless navigation and remote control.

Angle Correction

With the angle correction feature, you do not have to worry about adjusting your angles. Instead, the mini projector placed on a flat surface will automatically adjust itself using the angle correction feature.

Aside from other characteristics, this function should not be overlooked because it improves your whole experience. You will not have to spend time adjusting the angles. Simply plug in and play.

PIQO projectors include keystone angle correction, which uses gravity sensors to erect the projection angles for a perfect view.


If you intend to purchase a mini projector, you should perform some preliminary research.

The phrase "little but mighty" applies here. In the modern world, mini projectors have taken a new turn by taking over the big LED display screens.

PIQO projector’s performance stands out and aims to provide an enjoyable experience. The battery life lasts long and impressively offers 50 hours of music playback and 5 hours of video. The presence of incredible features makes PIQO mini projectors an ideal choice.